10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know

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If you live somewhere that gets snow, this video will teach you some helpful tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prepare your car for the snow! Learn how to remove ice from your windshield and how to remove snow from your car quickly without scratching the paint. I also show you how to prevent your door and lock from getting frozen shut and many more tips and tricks! I even show you how to use a car detailing spray to prevent the snow from sticking!
Windshield Snow/Ice Shield: amzn.to/3dsj3Aj
Silicone Spray: amzn.to/3blnREZ
Snow Removal Brush: amzn.to/3pG3OpY
Windshield Washer Fluid: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/jWXJd6
Ceramic Spray: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/15eZAx
Strong Leaf Blower: amzn.to/3bg1II4
How to get more traction on snow and ice: 0:40
How to get out of your driveway or parking spot safely: 1:48
How to top off washer fluid: 2:51
How to prevent doors and locks from freezing: 3:13
How to prevent ice from sticking to your windshield: 5:55
How to prevent snow from sticking to shovel: 8:29
How to prevent scratching your paint while removing snow: 9:25
How to remove snow without touching it: 10:10
How to remove ice from glass: 12:43

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ChrisFix Prieš 8 dienų
Hopefully these tips are helpful. The weather has been horrible here with snow ever couple of days which has put a hamper on filming my regular How-To videos. Hopefully the snow melts soon! I have some awesome videos coming!!!
Isaias Encizo
Isaias Encizo Prieš 19 val
Hey, I need help what spark plugs can I get for my 1999 Ford Mustang V6
Billy Hanning
Billy Hanning Prieš 20 val
Hey Chris I love watching your videos you are so thorough and make excellent video's. Not sure if you have any video's on rebuilding a rear differential. I couldn't find any. There are a quite a few but none that was the quality that you produce. Surely I'm not the only one that would enjoy such a video. If you happen to read this I would like to say thank you for taking the time to. Thanks for making the best diy videos out there.
Brady Pease
Brady Pease Prieš 22 val
Hey Chris what did you do with the drift stang
LEST3RR Prieš 2 dienas
@Micko Aniel Nañez supercharger is way better for this type of build
Baldeys Adventures
Baldeys Adventures Prieš 2 dienas
Can you do a video on how to wire an air horn? You could wire it to your truck.
mark luma
mark luma Prieš 30 minučių
In Asia, we folks only park in the combat mode every time, storm or no storm ! Thanks dude
MikesGarage Prieš 32 minutes
I’m a couple weeks late!!! Thank you Chris, this will be helpful for next time 👍🏻👍🏻
Ralph Whitehair
Ralph Whitehair Prieš 2 val
Chris you should do a video on you hummer fuel filter and flush all the fluides on it
BanndBoi Prieš 2 val
driftstang? s a d
job seeker1001
job seeker1001 Prieš 3 val
At this point i think he just bored
Constantine Kavinsky
Constantine Kavinsky Prieš 3 val
Russia be like: Just use vodka
TheSeventyFour Prieš 4 val
I used to work at a gas station so here's a couple of tips from working winters there. - If you're desperate winter window washing fluid can deice a lock we kept a spray bottle filled for this and - Spraying winter window washing fluid will clear up iced up windows
Thomas Unruh
Thomas Unruh Prieš 4 val
That canvas would never stay on in Saskatchewan
GermanPlayer 11
GermanPlayer 11 Prieš 4 val
Hello ChrisFix 👋🏻. I have an idea for a project car. Maybe you can buy a used 2018 Dodge Challenger/Charger (Scatpack 🐝) and Supercharge it, build race seats in, build it on lightweight and make ist look brand new again. Dodge Challenger/Charger are my favorite cars and you are my favorite LTlostr. 😉👋🏻
Nick P
Nick P Prieš 5 val
roblox user fanaffan1029
roblox user fanaffan1029 Prieš 5 val
5:19 wuter
Gabitzu xd
Gabitzu xd Prieš 5 val
hei Chris ! This is my firts comment i ever sended you, this years will you continue the drift stang right?😁
slowrook Prieš 5 val
Hi man!, i know this is not the right video, but i need small help from you to do the right steps for my small project, i need to know if there is any possible way to change wheel hub from 5inch to 5.5, the lugs size, i want to install tahoe rims on my tbss please
Onedeadly Axe
Onedeadly Axe Prieš 5 val
Hey Chrisfix I am helping my dad replace his motor and I used some of your tips
Farris TheLaggy
Farris TheLaggy Prieš 6 val
In conclusion: just eat, drink, wash your hands, and shower in silicone all winter
PriyenKumar Dinesh Kurji
PriyenKumar Dinesh Kurji Prieš 6 val
I want you to make a full engine rebuild video.....I want to see every tip while rebuilding an engine..... I have done several engine builds of Toyota engines....But I want you to make a video with some helpful tips and tricks.....
BEAUTY BY: SAMMI Prieš 6 val
what carpet cleaner do you use? I am looking to buy one but I have so many options and I want to be sure that I get one that is going to work great for my vehicle. my home does not have any carpet so I am buying this for my vehicles. Thank you in advance!
KoopaPlush 101
KoopaPlush 101 Prieš 7 val
Hey Chris! I need help building up my Turbo kit. Rewatched a few videos, and once you said you will do that, so I Hope That will come soon!
mmm hhh
mmm hhh Prieš 7 val
wax or silicone for weather stripping
STARSLAV Prieš 8 val
I thought all of this was general knowledge... Well.. America... :D
suresh shrestha
suresh shrestha Prieš 9 val
great tips.. thanks
Mitchell Apple
Mitchell Apple Prieš 9 val
Very well done
manolisdentgames Prieš 9 val
Chris can you reply on my idea??? (Instagram profile: 2008seatleon)
Alex Sougleris
Alex Sougleris Prieš 10 val
Hi Chris. Hello from Montreal, 🇨🇦. You have inspired me to start a new hobby for sure. Thanks bud for providing such great diys.
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U Prieš 10 val
Chris, have you made a documentary of your life? Early wishes, beginnings, struggles, success, and future plans?
pettson och findus dvd
pettson och findus dvd Prieš 10 val
Could you show how to remove mold from the interior of your car because I have a old Volvo outside a window broken for two years So it's a start to mold please
Mustaaas Prieš 11 val
We had a rough winter here in Estonia, from January to February 20th we had a lot of snow and freezing temperatures. Well it all started to melt just as you published this video so I guess better luck next winter with these tips.
R2 - D2
R2 - D2 Prieš 12 val
As a droid in Australia, this is very helpful
木ノ下じょな Prieš 12 val
3:11 Wiper fluid cap noped tf out of there. "Yeah, I'm done, sorry"
Oscar Byers
Oscar Byers Prieš 13 val
I don’t own a car. I live in Australia. It’s late man
valse incminor
valse incminor Prieš 13 val
me: doesnt have a car and lives in a town that hasnt seen snow in years also me: Gotta watch this asap
Bk R10
Bk R10 Prieš 13 val
khalid Kassem
khalid Kassem Prieš 14 val
I live in Saudi Arabia why tf am i watching this
Mohammed Mahmoud
Mohammed Mahmoud Prieš 14 val
Didn't chris sell that jaguar?
Aliena Varghese
Aliena Varghese Prieš 15 val
Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker Prieš 16 val
.... plugging your block heater in works too... maybe that’s just a Canada thing idk, it was -40 a week ago and cars start up like nothing when it’s plugged in.
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy Prieš 17 val
Thanks.....now that winter is over this will be useful
Laz Prieš 17 val
Common sense in our age of no common sense.
Jonathan Valencia
Jonathan Valencia Prieš 19 val
This is a good video for beginners. It’s really good tips but I’ve been driving for ten years and here is how I prepare for winter for my 2010 Honda Accord 1. Buy 2 snow tires and put them in the front and old in the rear 2. Get a shovel so when you get back home you have to shovel out a parking spot. 3. Tape down your hand brake button so in case of emergency you can drift around your problem without worrying about hand brakes locking up ( yes my car is a Front drive ) 4. Go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a large ice coffee with caramel swerl and cream no sugar because America runs on Dunkins
Bob 123
Bob 123 Prieš 19 val
What happed to the drift car
Cayde-6 R.I.P
Cayde-6 R.I.P Prieš 19 val
Get a new wheel for ur mustang
Kyle P Game
Kyle P Game Prieš 20 val
How do u even add a e brake to your car?
TechWizard312 Prieš 20 val
Are we going to pretend like we actually all plan for a half hour snow removal every morning lol. I’ve always just auto started
Abraham Rodriguez
Abraham Rodriguez Prieš 21 val
Nice pun :) "It will keep the surface slick so the snow doesn't stick"
Thdd Thdds
Thdd Thdds Prieš 21 val
So I have seen people drilling their lights and the liquid comes out I am no mechanic but isn't that the blinker fluid?
Thdd Thdds
Thdd Thdds Prieš 21 val
I also really enjoy watching your videos
Frosty Prieš 21 val
hey chris fix im turning 14 in 3 months my name is Anas And Im also from the middle east from Saudi Arabia could you say happy birthday to me it would mean a lot
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prieš 21 val
People from Texas watching this : 👁👄👁 📝
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prieš 21 val
Saucy Prieš 21 val
Hey Christ I recently changed my transmission oil and I changed it until it got to the “cold” part in the dipstick. But now even if I get on a 20 minute drive the dipstick still reads on cold and doesn’t change regardless of the temperature
Devin Prieš 21 val
Put your car in the garage.
Saucy Prieš 21 val
The salt will just get into your cars paint and cause it to rust faster
Shubham Swami
Shubham Swami Prieš 21 val
Hey Chris, Can you please upload a video on how to deal with a windshield with tons of scratches.
Doctor Fhuckles
Doctor Fhuckles Prieš 22 val
"and how do you remove snow by not touching your car?" By driving 70 mph on the interstate
Doctor Fhuckles
Doctor Fhuckles Prieš 22 val
Not that I condone this at all though...
Markus Schnepf
Markus Schnepf Prieš dieną
10:20 this is the most american thing i saw today. love it. i guess you could also have used a flame thrower but i'll let this up to the brits (colin furze) :D
faze alberto
faze alberto Prieš dieną
Why did I watch this I live in California lol but great vid regardless!
Bryan M
Bryan M Prieš dieną
Where did you get the fender flares for the b3000 ?
TR TeoTodor
TR TeoTodor Prieš dieną
How's the Hummer Chris?
TR TeoTodor
TR TeoTodor Prieš dieną
That's good to hear 👍
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
BitSAR Prieš dieną
never has a CF video being more irrelevant for me, not only do i have no car, i live in the tropics LOVE YOUR VIDEOS
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
haha well if you ever go somewhere and you hear it is going to snow, now you know!
Oddmund Johme
Oddmund Johme Prieš dieną
Are you done with your plans for the driftstang?
Oddmund Johme
Oddmund Johme Prieš dieną
@ChrisFix Thank you for your answer, love your vids man :)
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
No, she still needs a supercharger and roll cage
miran culum
miran culum Prieš dieną
I love your vidiose
Robin Hood Was a Socialist
Robin Hood Was a Socialist Prieš dieną
Rubbing alcohol on an icy window works well
Joel Coleman
Joel Coleman Prieš dieną
My father puts concrete bricks in the bed of his truck
Toasty Licious
Toasty Licious Prieš dieną
Så jävla ful kris
OtterSmash McWarriorsTrash
OtterSmash McWarriorsTrash Prieš dieną
Texans right now: Write that down, write that down!
Michel ghazaly
Michel ghazaly Prieš dieną
Thanks for the tips that helped me a lot man. I appreciate it so much!
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Happy to help!
yegor 1
yegor 1 Prieš dieną
yegor 1
yegor 1 Prieš dieną
@ChrisFix of course no question
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
gasp! Are you now?
Constitutional pagan
Constitutional pagan Prieš dieną
Everytime i watch chris i just wanna go out apologize to my truck and replace every part on it
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Gio Plays
Gio Plays Prieš dieną
When are working on the driftstang
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
When the snow melts
Ereks275 Prieš dieną
I buy my new car Ford C-MAX for 2000zł(500$) all thanks to you. Thank you for all your videos and work.
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Great to hear!
Ret Prieš dieną
ur reaching a bit saying plastic will scratch the harder plastic on the car
Ret Prieš 23 val
@ChrisFix then y would they willingly sell something that people would know to scratch a car?
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Nope, I am not reaching at all. You will scratch clear coat with the plastic. I have done tons of tests and you will get scratches.
MoM GeT ThE CaMeRa!
MoM GeT ThE CaMeRa! Prieš dieną
I woud love,love,love to see a 'Installing a Turbo to the DriftStang' :) love your vedios :)
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Stay Tuned!
Ramon de Klein
Ramon de Klein Prieš dieną
Park your manual transmission in first or reverse gear and don’t apply the handbrake if it uses a cable. The cable may freeze and you can’t release the handbrake. If you park on a flat surface then park in-gear is better anyway to reduce stress on the handbrake cable. Another tip is to make sure automatic wipers are set to off to prevent damaging the blades when you start the car.
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Great tips!
Dan Wilkinson
Dan Wilkinson Prieš dieną
Hey Chris, love you videos, not quite at the stage of doing all my own maintenance yet, but you make it sound so easy I want to give it a try! So I have a plastic engine cover that was broken by mechanics before I owned the car, wanted to replace it with a spare however the only ones online are like £230+ what are your thoughts on glueing plastic? and could you make a video if you approve? Kindest regards Dan
Dan Wilkinson
Dan Wilkinson Prieš dieną
Thank you so much for replying, means a lot, travel restrictions in the Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 mean I can’t visit a junkyard at the moment, but I will bare it in mind if I can’t fix it and the bans are lifted. Look forward to the video and wish you continued success in all your endeavours Dan
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Check a junkyard and you can totally use epoxy on the back and get it looking great! I will do a video!
MercifulHorror Prieš dieną
You could fill a zip lock baggie with warm water
MercifulHorror Prieš dieną
@ChrisFix just watched the rest of the video nice tips those will come in handy
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Watch the video ;)
Mateus Oliveira
Mateus Oliveira Prieš dieną
Another great tip. Don’t fill your garage with garbage. Then you will have space to park your side inside and avoid all the snow problems
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Easier said than done!
Carter Pershing
Carter Pershing Prieš dieną
The bag over the mirrors is a pretty good idea. Never thought about that.
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Super simple to do. Saves sooooo much time too!
Jonas Penner
Jonas Penner Prieš dieną
Or just get an interior car warmer to plug in with your block heater, and a good command start
Noah Kramer
Noah Kramer Prieš dieną
Silicone spray is homophobic
Raiyan Hassan
Raiyan Hassan Prieš dieną
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
C J GD A.K.A:BigBank
C J GD A.K.A:BigBank Prieš dieną
Chris fix I have a grand prix 2004 gt1 model it started to whine so I got some steering fluid put it in an now it turns very hard and idk what to do don't have much cash to work with and don't live around any junkyards for parts
Rage Quit Central
Rage Quit Central Prieš dieną
Chris Fix could we get a full car paint job video... would you recommend a paint tool or rattle can for a home paint job?
Night Borne
Night Borne Prieš dieną
man i really miss the drift stang
Night Borne
Night Borne Prieš dieną
Awhh Thanks for replying tho
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
milen 60
milen 60 Prieš dieną
Where is the driftstang
ChrisFix Prieš dieną
Storage for the winter
Adam gabriel Gantaan
Adam gabriel Gantaan Prieš dieną
When will be the driftstang supercharged? So excited for that video!
RD42 Prieš dieną
Pretty good list of tips and tricks, but now I'm more worried about road salts on the car, and wondering is there a better way to protect it, not only the paint, the under the car, like is there a paint to protect a frame and and not wash the car every time when it's not gonna be used.
003Kittapat Permpool
003Kittapat Permpool Prieš dieną
Hey chris i want to fix my dad's Honda prelude ,after my dad got accident he just fix it and got a 2jz engine in it ,then he just park it in my grandma'shouse for 10 year do you have any advice?
❄ICEMAN❄ Prieš dieną
>Lives in Australia >Educated
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Prieš dieną
Also you can clean the junk from your garage and put your cars inside if you have a garage
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed Prieš dieną
I watched this full video and where i live it doesn’t snow.
Sarang R
Sarang R Prieš dieną
New saw real snow but still here.....
jaya stelin19
jaya stelin19 Prieš dieną
Face reveal and vlog
Phonotical Prieš dieną
Juggle a bag of hot water in the snow? What about a hot water bottle 😂
Phonotical Prieš dieną
Four to twelve inches? That is a huge margin 😂
_GAMERAZING _ Prieš dieną
“Hydrophobic” Cancel Silicone its HYDROPHOBIC 😮
Rama Prieš dieną
Is a 2016 Acura tlx with 111,000 miles for $14,000 worth buying?
_gilwasser_ Prieš dieną
why am i watching this i live in LA
Demetre Jakhaia
Demetre Jakhaia Prieš dieną
Hey Chris! I have been a fan for a long time, and I have a question. Can you show us how too high pressure can damage car paint? (Pressure washer) I have wondered how it can damage paint for a long time. Thanks
Leonardo davila
Leonardo davila Prieš dieną
Living in houston this would have been amazing 2 weeks ago 😭. Good video m8
Rashad Bou karroum
Rashad Bou karroum Prieš dieną
Wait you still have the jag? I thought you sold that thing!
Rashad Bou karroum
Rashad Bou karroum Prieš dieną
Chris in 2069: hey guys chrisfix here and today I'm gonna show you how to build a car using only common hand tools! Disclaimer: I know this is not possible but it's a just a joke
Lucas EB
Lucas EB Prieš dieną
Your truck is cool 😎
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